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We at Pinnacle Taxx Solutions of Delray Beach Inc. believe that getting to know our customers is very important.  In order to guide you, we need to know your present and future goals.
Our office is open year-round and prides itself on being friendly, professional and up to date on everything that will affect you, your family and your future. Various issues will arise throughout the year, such as investments, education or family planning. The decision-making process should include your tax advisor as these decisions can have a lasting effect on your long and short-term goals. Avoid serious ramifications. Take advantage of having a tax consultant at your fingertips. You work hard for your money. Shouldn’t you protect it?
We have the tools and resources to get your federal and state income tax returns prepared correctly, so you can get the most money back in the shortest amount of time possible. Our specialists also handle relations with government agencies, when necessary. But remember, planning your taxes is essential. The result may be a reduction in your withholdings and a boost in your deductions and credits. 
Take advantage of our expertise to aid you in dealing with the present and in preparing for the future. No one wants to take chances with their money. Call Pinnacle Taxx Solutions. Meet with a tax consultant for a free review of your situation and get peace of mind. 
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